At VBS Mortgage, we provide the key to unlocking the realty of the America Dream.

VBS Mortgage is a local, community-focused organization that is more than just a mortgage company. We are actively involved in fulfilling the dream of homeownership and improving the communities we serve.

Your Home

We believe bringing our clients home means more than simply funding the purchase of a house.  It means being committed to making your mortgage process as smooth as possible so you can enter your home with a sense of belonging and peace.

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Your Community

Serving our clients means investing in our community, and at VBS we take this very seriously.  We take pride in volunteering and financially supporting many non-profit organizations working to improve the areas we serve.

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Your Dreams

VBS Mortgage is fueled by a commitment to serve our neighbors through enabling access to the dream of home ownership.  We engage a number of partnerships and resources in order to provide a wide range of products that fit multiple scenarios.  This ensures we can offer tailored products to best suit each individual situation.

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4 Questions You Should Ask When Considering a Construction Loan

Building your own home can be very time consuming, but it also pays off when you move into the perfect house for your dreams.  Here are some ways to simplify the construction loan process through asking the right questions up front.

Getting The Home You Want Through Affordable Improvements

Did you find a home that could be your dream home with a few updates?  Some upgrades don't need to cost a fortune and make your dream home attainable for a bargain price. Here is a list of 7 improvement ideas you can accomplist on a small budget.

To Dos and Don’ts of Getting a Mortgage

Following these 10 Dos and Don'ts of Getting a Mortgage during your home buying process is key to greatly reducing the chances of major hiccups during your mortgage process.

Making Your PreApproval Letter Work for you

When you begin the home buying process, you will hear time and again the importance of obtaining a PreApproval Letter prior to starting your home search.  However, there aren't as many resources to help you understand the PreApproval letter and process. Here are 3 tips of making your PreApproval work for you.


 VBS Mortgage has worked with many of my home buyers to help them qualify for a loan. The mortgage consultants, processors, underwriters and other staff are courteous, knowledgeable, and customer service oriented! Thank you VBS Mortgage for making the dream of home ownership a reality for many! 

Renee Whitmore, Old Dominion Realty

 I can't begin to describe how wonderful VBS Mortgage has been. Buying a home had been a dream for my family for so long, and it was great to work with a lending company that knew how much that dream meant. I truly can't recommend them enough. 

Jonathan Williams