Lee Croteau

Lee Croteau has been a Reverse Mortgage specialist since 2006. He also has experience in traditional mortgage lending as well as consumer finance. Lee has a heart for seniors and their special needs, and has a wide array of resources to address those needs. Lee has made the Shenandoah Valley his home since 1986, and appreciates the value of being affiliated with a neighborhood bank. Lee's focus is on helping seniors live a better life in their own homes.

“I’m really enjoying the freedom from financial worries. I will always be grateful for what you have done for me.”   
- Louise S.

“Thank you for everything, Lee. You were so helpful to us and really took us through the whole process very patiently. We love our new home.”   
- Glenn & Ann B.

“You are still my favorite Reverse Mortgage man.”        
- Anne D.

Connect with me on LinkedIn for more market insights! www.linkedin.com/in/leecroteau/

Visit the NCOA website for more information on Reverse Mortgages. http://www.ncoa.org/enhance-economic-security/home-equity/


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